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Cecil L. Recchia first made herself known with her quartet at the 2008 Sunset/Sunside Awards, and has since become a regular on the Paris jazz scene. With “Songs Of The Tree: A Tribute To Ahmad Jamal,” recorded with Vincent Bourgeyx (piano), Manuel Marches (doublebass) and David Grebil (drums), she pays vocal homage to the living legend of jazz piano—Ahmad Jamal.


From Poinciana to Autumn Leaves, through to Minor Moods and Volga Boatmen—with her own lyrics—, the glowing mezzo has designed her repertory around the mythical arrangements of the Pittsburgh native and masterfully delivers a definitively jazz album.
With this first album, Cecil L. Recchia proves that she is a sure value in today’s jazz scene.

“Ahmad Jamal remains one of the last witnesses of the era of the jazz greats who is still playing today. His work represents an immense source of inspiration to me. Giving the bass and the drums distinct roles, Jamal has an orchestral conception of the trio. Innovative rhythms, ostinato interludes, and a keen, highly personal sense of space and momentum confer a very special sound to every piece. This is known as Ahmad Jamal’s “signature,” and I’m particularly sensitive to it.
His music has been with me always. By adding my singing to his arrangements, I realized that I could use my voice with more space and dynamics—features that characterize how Jamal plays and thinks of the trio. It was definitely a challenge, though, because we musicians are always influenced by peers who practice the same instrument. But this adventure was strewn with surprises; for Jamal has an actor and director dimension, two factors that can enrich the singing. I was also incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by musicians who know and love Ahmad Jamal’s music.” Cecil L. Recchia

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